Pool Reservation Contract

Four Oaks Homeowners’ Association Clubhouse Use Agreement


Reservation Procedures: Reservations will be taken on a first come first serve basis. Please keep in mind the clubhouse is for small gatherings and the max capacity is 20 people. Please check the calendar to verify the date you are requesting is available. The pool/clubhouse key card each homeowner is given will be your access into the clubhouse. Please give yourself time to set up and clean up before and after your function. Failure to clean the clubhouse properly which necessitates a cleaning by our vendor will result in the cleaning charge being deducted from the deposit check.

Deposit and Key: If you do not have a pool/clubhouse key card, please contact M Group Management, [email protected]. Each reservation requires two checks, one for $75.00 damage deposit and one for $75.00 rental fee, which will be CASHED UPON RECEIPT, plus the completed form. Deposits and completed forms must be mailed to M Group Management at least ten (10) working days before the reservation and another resident wishes to reserve the clubhouse, they will have priority per the first come first serve basis procedure. All checks should be made payable to: Four Oaks Homeowners’ Association, Inc. You will be contacted after the form and checks are received to confirm your reservation. Please mail or deliver the attached “Request for Use” form with your two checks to:


M Group Management
509 E National Avenue
Indianapolis Indiana 46227


Eligible Renters: Only Four Oaks homeowners may reserve the clubhouse. He or she is responsible for the actions of any guests and must be present throughout any scheduled activities. Any homeowners who are delinquent in their fees to the Homeowners Association are not eligible to reserve the clubhouse.

*Please report any damages to the facility and furnishings prior to your event to M Group Management at 317-207-4281. If there are damages discovered after your event, your damage deposit will not be refunded.

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